Monday, June 27, 2011

Missy Elliot Fighting Against Nerve Disease

missy+elliott+01.jpg (360×285)Miss with Missy Elliot and his music is hip-hop? Apparently behind the vacuum of theMissy Elliot of the international music scene caused by a disease that had beenhidden.

Work It singer revealed she secretly been battling Graves disease since 2008.Thyroid condition affecting the immune system to cause him trouble Missy performroutine activities such as writing and driving.

He revealed his struggle to the People magazine. "When I was driving and triedsetting my foot on the brake pedal, but my leg cramps immediately. I can not pressthe brake pedal and almost crashed. I can not write because my nerves are very badsystem. In fact, I do not hold a pen with a good foam . "

Missy's illness is unfortunately no cure, but he stated that treatment with radiationwhich has lived has brought little improvement for him. Although during this treatment,Missy often experience mood changes that are unstable and also hair loss as a side effect.

"My weight 15 pounds lighter because of the exercise. Tiroidku gland function again. I can not take medication for a further nine months," he said. Until now, he insistedwould not give up with this illness. He also has plans to release a comeback albumwith Timbaland

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