Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jack White Make Divorce Party

jack-karen2d.jpg (286×286)After the band broke up with White Stripes, Jack White musician now decided to split from his wife. There will be no emotion in their divorce. He even held a divorce party.

Not Jack when faced with problems in the usual manner. Jack's decision to split from his wife, model Karen Elson was unanimous. A divorce party will be held in Nashville.

In the party invitation, he wrote asking guests come to celebrate their six yearstogether and an impending divorce. Became close friends and family priorities suchguest musicians from Australia.

Jack first met Karen when women who had given him two children into a model in the video clip White Stripes 'Blue Orchid'. They later married in 2005 in Brazil.

"We still preserve a sense of affection, trusted friends and parents of exceptionalchildren we Scarlett (5 years) and Henry Lee (3 years). We feel very fortunate for the time we share together and we will continue to spend time separately and watchingour children grow up together, "Jack said in a statement reported by Ultimate Guitar, Tuesday (06/14/2011).

Men who had also been married to drummer Meg White was not willing to see thesadness in the event. How did she and Karen are committed to continue with keepingtwo small children.

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