Friday, June 24, 2011

Chris Brown Send a Private Message to Rihanna via Twitter

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As a follow each other on Twitter, Rihanna and Chris Brown could make the fansangry. And this time, they seem to be getting 'on fire' because Chris had time to sendpersonal messages quite 'intimate' to Rihanna.

Since suffering a beating by Chris Brown, who was then his girlfriend, Rihanna's fanshad even furiously anti-Chris Brown. However, recently, away from the commandaddressed to Chris revoked, the two singers began to close again, one of which isthrough Twitter.
When knowing the two are to follow, the fans were immediately attacked Rihanna withtheir protests. Soon, Rihanna also had emotions and writes, "It's just Twitter, not thealtar," the fans. But this time, their relationship seems to getting better and not only viaTwitter.

Evidently, Chris seemed to accidentally write a message that should be conveyed through private messages (Direct Message), saying, "I received the photos I sentyou?" Photo of Chris this is still unknown, but many people who consider this ironic,because both Chris and Rihanna was just involved cases their nude photo spread on the internet after they were sent to close friends.

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