Monday, December 14, 2009

learn to play guitar and bass for beginners

Having hobbies music incomplete if it can not play musical instruments such as the famous guitar that can be used as accompaniment friends all kinds of songs that were all over the world. Learning to play guitar beginning was difficult and sometimes stressful people who study it.

To learn bass guitar you should learn first, because people who can play guitar can play bass automatic, but if you can play bass guitar not automatically be. The key and tone on the bass guitar is not much different on the guitar, so it's good if you learn the basic keys first guitar. Also you can save money, because it does not need to buy a bass, but fairly ordinary guitar cheap enough.

To play the guitar you should be prepared to feel a little pain in your left fingertips, it will be used to press the strings to make key formations guitar. Sometimes have to make our fingertips become calloused fingers or flex in either the left or right hand. To get something you do have to sacrifice something, it is the legal and economic chemical reasonable and normal.

If you are planning for the course you should not take a course before mastering the basic techniques tempo songs, the basic key guitar and shuffle on guitar gonjreng. If you have not mastered it you will only prolong the course you are going to spend the money.

To save money you can learn in a friend, relative or neighbor that you know well and can barmain guitar. If no one can play the guitar then you should learn self-taught self-taught alias.

Required to learn basic guitar alone:
- Any guitar can be hollow and lisrik
- A book or magazine songs are guitar key guitar keys and instructions
- Cassette, CD or MP3 songs in the song book
- The ability to stem or tuning guitar

To start the exercise you need to tune your guitar first so that 6 string guitar sound can be harmonious and appropriate. Distem Otherwise you will not be able to learn, because her voice can not be right. To stem the guitar you can ask another person or own stem with instinct. To stem the problem you can find the guitar handbook playing guitar in a bookstore.

If you want to stem itself, the way is to equate the 5th fret of a string with a string level below the 0 fret. Except on the third string of balls under the distem on the 4th fret to fret 0 in the second string from the bottom. You must use your filing if the sound of a fret by fret underneath was the same voice. If not the same as a drive voltage control at the end of the guitar string to fit.

If you are OK, then you live then try gonjreng on standard key until your fingers you are familiar with the position of each key. Then try to open the song book that is key guitar, and then try to follow the changes of the keys to lock the tempo according to the original as possible based on your filing.

If it can then you can try to play together with a cassette or the actual song. But the condition is steman on your guitar in accordance with existing steman on cassette and the key songs in the book or magazine is also true that in accordance with the tape and your guitar.

If you have a little well you can continue to innovate their own courses or learn other things from the book mapun your acquaintance. If you have mastered you can form your own band together with other people who could play any other musical instrument. Good learning and good luck:)

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